Welcome to the Cambridge SU Disabled Students’ Campaign website!

We are the campaign and community for disabled students within the University of Cambridge. Disability covers so many different conditions and impairments – see our ‘Does it Count? infographic‘ for an explanation!

Our campaign is made up of all Cam students who have or have had a disability, as well as the DSC committee including our full time Disabled Students’ Officer, and college and campaign DSOs (contact us if you would like help finding yours!). We are also in regular contact with staff members, such as college and faculty Disability Liaison Officers and the Disability Resource Centre.

For up to date announcements about the campaign, please head to our Facebook Page, our Twitter and our Instagram! If you have any questions or want to get involved, please join our private Facebook Group, message us on social media or contact individual committee members. We run socials and events that are advertised via those platforms, as well as having different Messenger group chats and Facebook peer support groups for you to meet other students!

We are running a ‘buddy’ scheme for 2022-23, matching up new and existing students into groups of 3+ students with things in common! Registration is open and we’ll also be running socials for you to meet new friends throughout the year. Our dedicated freshers Facebook group is also a great place to chat and ask questions! (Check out the uni-wide Cambridge SU Freshers’ group too)

You can find our infographics and plaintext information about Online Teaching here. See the University’s latest guidance here.

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