Year: 2019

Summary of Findings: Academic Reasonable Adjustments Forum 2019

May 7th 2019 saw the first ever CUSU/GU-organised Academic Reasonable Adjustments Forum, a chance for Senior Tutors, Directors of Teaching, and other college and faculty staff – both teaching and support staff – to get together and discuss how to improve the provision of academic reasonable adjustments for disabled students. Click here to download the […]

So, you want an assessment for ADHD? – guide

2018-19 DSC Academic Affairs Officer Chay Graham has put together this super useful guide for anyone considering or seeking an ADHD assessment! Updates from 2020-21: the DRC is no longer able to offer screenings, and the cost of EP reports has now gone up to £425. When there are further updates to guidance, they will […]

“Does it Count?” – infographic

Spread the good news – you may be entitled to adjustments you didn’t realise you had the right to! Image text reads: “Does it count?”Mental health, disability and what’s available to you Not all disabilities look like this. Image shows a cartoon of a wheelchair user. Disabilities can be visible or invisible – and most […]

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