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Image: Access-a-Ball logo, grey glitter ball with sparkles

Cambridge SU Disabled Students’ Campaign and May Ball Presidents’ Committee are excited to bring you a new scheme for 2020: Access-a-Ball! We have developed a programme that enables balls and large-scale events to be designed as accessibly as possible, so they can reach even more people and make all their guests feel welcome.

Signing up to the scheme involves:

  • The president signing up to the Access-a-Ball pledge (available below, circulated to presidents October 2020)
  • Having a designated contact on the committee for accessibility & disability matters
  • The contact attending specially designed DSC training and bringing any queries to us (we’re happy to help!)
  • Committee going through the Workbook, which has specific guidelines for different areas of event planning and which committee member this concerns
  • Publishing a preliminary access statement before ticket sales open
  • Publishing a full access statement before the end of ticket sales
  • Attending a meeting to check progress part way through the year
  • Submitting evidence after the event to show which guidelines were met
  • The events will be marked and awarded afterwards

Signing up to this scheme is a great opportunity to show that accessibility is being taken seriously in all aspects of event design, as well as providing great publicity in general. If you think your college ball or June Event should sign up, let them know!

Events that have already signed up:

  • Homerton
  • King’s Affair
  • Pembroke
  • Trinity
  • Trinity Hall
  • Downing
  • Sidney Sussex
  • Darwin
  • Emmanuel
  • Murray Edwards 
  • Robinson
  • Wolfson

Text of the Pledge:

“As President of my College’s May Week Event (‘Event’), I pledge to integrate improving accessibility into all parts of the planning experience such that as many people are able to enjoy the event as possible. 

I pledge to provide for the access needs that we can anticipate, as guided by the Access-a-ball workbook. When an unanticipated access need or a specific request is raised, we will do everything we can to accommodate and make that person feel welcome, getting advice from DSC if unsure how to proceed. 

We will allocate a role on the committee that is fully or partially dedicated to the Accessibility of the Event, and the individual fulfilling this role will attend an ‘Introduction to Event Accessibility’ meeting held by ‘Access-a-Ball’. ”

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