Accessibility Pledge

The CUSU Disabled Students’ Campaign Accessibility Pledge is a pledge for any and all groups in Cambridge, such as J/MCRs, University and College clubs & societies, campaigns and activist groups, social and discussion groups, etc., to sign and adhere to. Scroll down to see the list of groups who have signed the Pledge!

By signing the Pledge, your group will demonstrate to its disabled members and potential members that it is committed to considering their access needs, and to creating a positive, accessible environment!

Print the Pledge to sign HERE!

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Screen readable graphic HERE!

Generate your event access statements here!


Text of the Accessibility Pledge:

  • We will aim to hold events where possible in rooms that are accessible – step-free access, comfy seating, etc.
  • All our events will include detailed access statements on publication, made available everywhere the event is advertised.
  • All event publicity will include a designated point of contact who can be consulted for further access information.
  • We will aim to hold a range of events that cater to different access needs.
  • We will consider access needs relating to food and drink, by e.g. providing non-alcoholic, sugar-free, gluten-free etc. options and by keeping allergen information/packaging available.
  • We will attempt to make meetings accessible to those who can’t attend in person, e.g. via remote attendance or minutes.
  • We will consider access needs when creating and distributing resources, e.g. via text-selectable digital versions, image descriptions, offering large print/other formats on request, etc.
  • We will consider access needs when structuring our events, e.g. by including short access breaks, providing a separate quiet space, making it easy for attendees to leave at any time, etc.

The DSC access statement generator is a simple way to create access statements for your events.

Example access statement: DSC Forum in the CUSU/GU lounge at 17 Mill Lane. The lounge has wheelchair & step-free access via a lift. There is a variety of seating including armchairs and sofas. There are gender neutral bathrooms, including a wheelchair accessible bathroom. There is a hearing loop (please ask for this to be turned on when you arrive if you need it!). There will be snacks and drinks, including vegan and gluten-free options. Forum is a relaxed event; you may move around the room, lie down, arrive or leave whenever you wish, etc. Forum will be live-minuted into a google doc to enable remote attendance. For any other accessibility info, please email


Pledged Groups:

Pembroke JPC
Student Community Action
CU Students on Social Policy (CUSSP)
CU Labour Club
Jesus Students’ Union (JCSU)
King’s Students’ Union (KCSU)
Newnham JCR
Sidney Sussex JCR
Union of Clare Students
CUSU Women’s Campaign
Cambridge Defend Education (CDE)
St Catharine’s JCR
Emma Students’ Union (ECSU)
Robinson College Students’ Association
Trinity Hall JCR
Peterhouse College JCR
Churchill College JCR
CUSU Ethical Affairs
Fitzwilliam College MCR
Christ’s College JCR
Girton College JCR
Robinson Gardening Society
Robinson College Cheese and Wine Society
St. John’s JCR
Murray Edwards College Students Union
Fitzwilliam College JCR
CUSU Class Act



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