Updated medical evidence information for Michaelmas 2020

This information relates to updates to medical evidence requirements for undergrads and postgrads applying to the university for course extensions, intermission and exam access arrangements in the academic year 2020-21. We have briefly outlined what has and hasn’t yet been updated due to Coronavirus and its impact on the availability of medical evidence. This post […]

Summary of Findings: Academic Reasonable Adjustments Forum 2019

May 7th 2019 saw the first ever CUSU/GU-organised Academic Reasonable Adjustments Forum, a chance for Senior Tutors, Directors of Teaching, and other college and faculty staff – both teaching and support staff – to get together and discuss how to improve the provision of academic reasonable adjustments for disabled students. Click here to download the […]

So, you want an assessment for ADHD? – guide

2018-19 DSC Academic Affairs Officer Chay Graham has put together this super useful guide for anyone considering or seeking an ADHD assessment! Updates from 2020-21: the DRC is no longer able to offer screenings, and the cost of EP reports has now gone up to £425. When there are further updates to guidance, they will […]

“Does it Count?” – infographic

Spread the good news – you may be entitled to adjustments you didn’t realise you had the right to! Image text reads: “Does it count?”Mental health, disability and what’s available to you Not all disabilities look like this. Image shows a cartoon of a wheelchair user. Disabilities can be visible or invisible – and most […]

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