Disabled Students’ Campaign Committee Elections 2018

DSC elections are upon us! Over the next few days we’ll have a digital hustings, voting will open, and when it closes we’ll have a new committee ready to start making change in Cambridge next Michaelmas! This post will be updated during the election with hustings statements, links to vote, and the results of the […]

Disability History Month: What is Outsider art? And who is the Outsider?

(Sculpture by Judith Scott) Every year UK Disability History Month celebrates disabled culture, activism, and lives. This year the month is November 22nd-December 22nd, with the theme being “Disability & Art”. To explore this theme, CUSU Disabled Students’ Officer Florence Oulds wrote about “Outsider art” and how a concept that seems to legitimise art that […]

Notes from the National Disabled People’s Summit

Last Saturday I attended The National Disabled People’s Summit, a day long event in London with the aim of uniting members of unions, charities, and grass-roots organisers to make practical change for the liberation of Disabled People. The event had an opening Plenary, with speeches from John McDonnell, Bob Williams-Findlay, and Ellen Clifford, followed by […]

World Mental Health Day

CN: Long post, World Mental Health Day, Mental illness Vs physical illness, Discussion of problematic disability narratives   It’s really great to see so many posts, campaigns, and events for World Mental Health Day, and as someone who’s struggled with mental health for a long time it’s so wonderful to have seen a culture shift […]

New guide available on reasonable adjustments and SSDs

As a disabled student – or a student with a long-term illness – you’re often entitled to specific support arrangements to aid with your studies. This support is known as having reasonable adjustments, and it’s a legal requirement for the University to put them in place for you. This guide, developed by the Disabled Students’ […]

‘In Camouflage’ zine released!

In 2016, CUSU Disabled Students’ Campaign organised an event called ‘Autistic People, Not Gendered Minds’, in opposition to a talk given by Simon Baron-Cohen in Cambridge at the time. This discussion challenged Baron-Cohen’s extreme male brain theory of autism, and created a space for autistic people to discuss how gender and autism interact. ‘In Camouflage’, […]

We’re developing a discrimination reporting system!

Over the coming months we’ll be developing a reporting service for Cambridge students who have experienced discrimination and harassment due to their disabilities. In the meantime, though, we’ve developed a resource to help students identify instances of discrimination and harassment. This document covers direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation, and harassment, and gives examples of each. […]

Disabled Students’ Officer Updates: 15/05/17

Promoted Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May), including visiting lecture sites with resources created by CUSU on mental health at Cambridge. Attended University committees on DTLS, Lecture Capture, Health and Wellbeing, and the University Counselling Service, as well as a working group on updating student wellbeing pages. Attended a meeting of the CUSU Board of Trustees Attended […]

Accessing Support Services at Cambridge – #MHAW17

Content note: intermission, self-harm, eating disorders Written by Sophie Buck. There’s support available on a number of levels: student, college, university, local and national. At the student level, there are a range of areas through which you can seek – or provide – support. Peer2Peer is available to members of all colleges. Additionally, Nightline, a […]

Men and Mental Health – #MHAW17

Content note: violence, substance abuse Written by Sophie Buck. It’s a fact that men often feel less able to access mental health support, especially varying in accordance with the oppressions they experience. While attitudes towards gender and gender roles are changing, restricting ideas about masculinity prevent many men from feeling comfortable talking about their mental health and when […]

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