Content Notes guidance

The 2018-19 DSO and DSC committee have created a guidance document for teaching and support staff in faculties and departments on the implementation of ‘content notes’ into teaching practices.

A content note is a verbal or written notice that precedes potentially sensitive content. Content notes flag content which may be distressing (to anyone – particularly to those with related experiences), and/or triggering (to those with PTSD or similar mental health conditions), giving people the opportunity to prepare themselves in an informed way to engage with the upcoming material.

Content notes are not intended to mark a particular piece of material as “do not read,” that is, to encourage disengagement with that material; on the contrary, the purpose of a CN is to serve a part of the goal of enabling all students to engage in their education on an equal footing, by indicating in advance to any student who might find particular topics triggering or distressing that such topics will arise in a given piece of material. These students are thereby enabled to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that they are prepared to engage with a given piece of material safely and with minimal psychological distress.

We consider the provision of CNs a reasonable adjustment for disabled students, and therefore a legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010.

Click here to download the guidance document.

Content Notes Guidance for Faculties and Departments
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