CUSU Conference Resources – 16th January 2017

Welcome! This page is a resource list for all attendees of this year’s CUSU Conference.

All resources will have been more thoroughly explained in my session, Disability Activism and Accessibility Cambridge. Essentially, this is a list of things you can do to advance disabled access at Cambridge. To learn more about what each step entails, there’s a link on this page to my conference presentation, which is available as a printable PDF.

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop me an email –

Many thanks for getting involved!

Jessica Wing
CUSU Disabled Students’ Officer

1) Access the conference presentation, “Disability Activism and Accessibility at Cambridge”

This may be useful if you missed the session, or went but want to look up some of the statistics or other information I included. Link here.

2) Fill in this form on physical access in your college

Google Form: Physical Accessibility of Communal College Spaces.

3) Publicise this survey via your channels on college-based intermission support

Access the survey here.

4) Make a disabled students’ officer post on your JCR committee

Example role descriptions:

Emmanuel JCR:

The Disabled Students Officer shall represent students with disabilities at Emmanuel. They shall liaise with the CUSU Disabled Students Officer and the Disabilities Resource Centre and make relevant information available to the students through the ECSU website. They will be available to point students with disabilities to various sources of advice and support within college and the university as a whole.

Homerton JCR:

The Disabilities Officer shall:
Ensure that disabled students’ views and opinions are reflected throughout the whole of HUS JCR’s work, and represent disabled students’ views to College, where relevant.
Ensure that disabled students are aware of all the support resources available both within College and University.
Act as a liason between disabled students, College and the University to ensure the needs of disabled students are met.
Work with the CUSU Disabled Students’ Campaign.
Raise awareness of issues regarding disability and discrimination against disabled students.
Be a point of contact for incoming students with disabilities and, if possible, writing a part of the Freshers’ Guide.

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