Disabled Students’ Officer Updates – 01/05/17

  • Running disabled students’ campaign committee elections.
  • In early April the Undergraduate Intermission Guide was released, a link to which can be found here. I have recently ordered physical copies of the resource and will be sending out two to every college so there is at least one per common room.
  • Attended the Intermission Working Group, which will adapt CUSU’s work on intermission support and fit it into existing policy.
  • I have recently begun working on another resource on reasonable adjustments and student support documents, that will hopefully address all questions students can have about SSDs, including what to do if your supervisor hasn’t received it, or isn’t imp lementing your adjustments. Part of my preparatory work for this has involved collecting testimony and feedback from students, so visit this page to learn more about the scope of the guide, and how you can get involved.
  • We have been working with the Advice Service to determine what training incoming sabbatical officers shall receive in terms of supporting students 1-to-1.
  • Met with the Advice Service to discuss general anonymised issues arising from their work, in order to develop actions moving forward.
  • Continued working on handover for incoming sabbs.
  • Most of my work at the moment has involved preparing for Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May). This year we’re seeking to extend our reach to students who don’t usually engage with CUSU or who necessarily think of themselves as having issues with mental health. We’re writing a series of posts focusing on issues surrounding mental health but placing them specifically within a Cambridge context, including resources for seeking support and also supporting your friends. These will be posted throughout the week on the Disabled Students’ Campaign blog.
Disabled Students’ Officer Updates – 01/05/17

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