Double Time

Your friendly guide to studying over an extended period for health/disability reasons!

Download Guide / View as PDF (published July 2019)

Who this is for:

  • The guide details the process of applying for Extension to Period of Study through EAMC. This is for all undergraduates and many masters students – check the EAMC webpage if you’re not sure if this applies to you.
  • If you do not fall under EAMC, for example PhD students, you should instead follow the graduate guidance for extending your submission date for reasons of disability. This involves applying for extra funding from your funding body so that you can study at a reduced rate while still receiving full time funding.

Get support or advice:

Changes to medical evidence:

  • University guidance on applying for Double Time through EAMC from October 2020 is available here, including the line: “The Committee notes that there may be challenges in gaining medical evidence due to the current situation of COVID-19”.
  •  The EAMC (website here), who consider applications for Double Time as well as exam allowances, permitted summer 2020 applications for exam allowances with reduced medical evidence due to coronavirus

Update on grade release (June 2021):

  • After 3 years of student lobbying, EAMC has now conceded that Double Time students should receive their grades the year they sit the exam, and should not be made to wait until they finish the full tripos part. Please contact your tutorial office, who can check with Student Registry, if you are not sure how this will apply to you.

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