Exam Term Infographic

Plain text version below. For more info please contact the Student Advice Service or see the University’s pages on Exams including Mitigation.

Plain text version:

How to get it right when it all goes wrong

What to do when something happens during exam term

Exam term is hard enough already

So make sure you know what to do and who to speak to if something goes wrong last minute.

Keep your tutor in the loop

Always keep your tutor informed if you’re ill or struggling. Even if you don’t think they can help, tell them just in case it needs to be documented later for an exam allowance application, or so they can refer you onwards. Your college nurse can also do this if you have one.

If your tutor doesn’t reply within a few days contact your Senior Tutor.

Medical support

Speak to the college nurse or your GP, who can help direct you to medical support if they can’t provide it themselves.

Exam adjustments

If something’s affecting your ability to study/sit exams, you might need exam adjustments to reduce a disadvantage (e.g. extra time, typed exams). Speak to the tutorial office ASAP or as soon as the issue arises. Things can be arranged even on the day of the exam if necessary!

Still not sure?

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly or unprofessionally, e.g. being ignored by your tutor or having health needs not be taken seriously, it’s worth talking to SAS (Student Advice Service) for free, independent and impartial advice.

Sadly, tutors are not always aware of all the options (e.g. having an exam discounted, studying the next year part time or continuing into the next year without sitting exams) and students are therefore not informed.

It’s worth finding out what is available to you!


Exam Term Infographic

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