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Keep up to date with us via our website (you’re already here!), our Twitter, Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram and mailing list (sign in via your CRSID!). We also have a specific Freshers Facebook group!

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At DSC we take a collaborative approach to committee work, so committee members are free to share roles with others and take on several roles themselves, depending on their health and workload.

If you don’t know who specifically you want to speak to, the best way to contact the DSC committee is by messaging the Facebook page, posting in our private Facebook group (which has an announcement post with committee profiles tagged) or by emailing the Chair or DSO who can forward your message to the appropriate individual.

Michaelmas 2021 Committee

Name of officer: description of their representative and job roles (CRSID in brackets). Role-specific email addresses are hyperlinked and those roles underlined. Committee emails are also copied in the next section for easier navigation. To find our officers on Messenger, join the DSC Community group and go to the pinned post.

Anna Ward: Full Time Disabled Students’ Officer (, Twitter)
Becky: Carer’s Rep, (rlf39)
Tom: Trans Rep, (tc583)
LucySecretary, (lhs36)
Elia: BME Rep, (emcc2)
Riya: BME Rep, (rh788)
Eilidh: LGBT+ Rep (ceb231)
Georgie: Class Act RepMature Students’ Rep, (gbw28)
Cecily: Grad Rep, (cb970)
Amie: Campaigns, (ap2090)
Anna F: Campaigns, (asf46)
Gemma: Women’s Rep, (grw45)
PennyInternational Rep, (ab2452)
Evan: Computing Officer, (zr256)
James: Intermission Officer, (jccl4)

Role-specific committee email addresses

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