Committee 17-18

Disabled Students’ Officer – Florence Oulds
Access and Funding Officer – Niamh Ryle
Welfare Officer – Myles McSwiney
LGBT+ Officer – Anna Ward
BME Officer – Aisja Mahmood
Academic Affairs Officer – Charlotte McDonald
Women’s Officer – Rose Cope
Trans Officer – Emrys Travis

Outgoing Officers (16-17)

Disabled Students’ Officer – Jessica Wing
LGBT+ Officers – Em Travis & Jemima Churchhouse
Trans Officer – Florence Oulds
Academic Affairs Officer – Addye Susnick
Welfare Officer Rose Cope
Women’s Officer – Saskia Pain
Socials Officer – Tula Geliot
Grad Officer – Jenny Harris

Unfilled Positions

A list of positions can be found in our constitution. If you would like to be co-opted to any of the unfilled roles, please contact the Disabled Students’ Officer (