Disabled Students’ Campaign Resources

Access Statement Generator

Most people running events do not provide proper access information, because they don’t have the information or because they don’t know what to include or that they should be providing access information at all. The truth is that even if an event would be accessible to someone if they can’t find that out they can’t go (or they risk being turned away) and ultimately it is not accessible until the information is there. We therefore provide this generator to enable people to provide good, clear access information and to raise awareness that there should be access information for all events.

CUSU DSC Disability Resource Library

Founded in summer 2012 CUSU DSC Disability Resource Library is a growing collection of material related to disability. Most of the material is created by disabled people though some isn’t. The library is open to all, not just members of the Campaign or Cambridge students and is held in the CUSU offices on the New Museum site. We encourage you to email us suggestions of further materials to include as the library grows. This is run alongside the Harry Harris LGBT+ Library which is moving to the CUSU offices shortly.


A Tumblr ran by members of the Disabled Students’ Campaign focusing issues relating to neurodiversity, including ADHD and autism spectrum conditions.

Resources About Cambridge

Cambridge Accessibility
Our quick guide to accessing Cambridge (both the city and the university) and things it’s useful to be aware of, this may expand.
Disability Access Guide
An extensive guide to access within the University. Slightly out of date in parts, especially the information about the city generally.
Accessible Cambridge
A resource site holding much information about the accessibility of Cambridge, including guides for cafes and pubs. This is now under the control of the DSC so if you have any suggestions as to how to improve this website or you would be willing to help with doing so then visit the site’s contact us page or email the computing officer.
Cambridge Shopmobility
Cambridge Shopmobility loan out wheelchairs including electric wheelchairs and scooters during the day in town, generally 10am to 4pm weekdays and Saturday. There are two offices in Cambridge, the one is in central town under the Grand Arcade and the other, which is also open Sundays, is in the Grafton Centre by the Vue Cinema.


Welfare resources

DSC Welfare Officer(s)
The welfare officer for the DSC 16-17 is Rose Cope, who can be contacted at rlc66. All welfare concerns can also be directed to the disabled students’ officer.
CUSU Student Advice Service
The Student Advisor, Student Support Officer, Education Officer and Women’s Officer form the SAS and you can contact them directly.
University Counselling Service
Free counselling to all students including group meetings and workshops. Be sure to mention if you require step-free access as such rooms are available but most aren’t.
Disability Resource Centre
Provides fantastic advice and support to all disabled students, they will oversea your DSA needs and also provide general advice. Phone no 01223 332 301.
Nightline (Formerly Linkline)
Support to all students 7pm to 7am in term time. Call them on 01223 367 575 or 01223 744 444.
Cambridge Peer Support
A scheme for offering peer support within colleges, only operates in some colleges.
The Samaritans
Tel 08457 909 090; they also have a step free central Cambridge Office with disabled toilet just off Christ’s Pieces.
Resources from the Library Catalogue
The CUSU DSC Disability Resource Library Catalogue contains a list of (mostly online) resources in addition to those listed here.