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Example access statement: DSC Forum in the CUSU/GU lounge at 17 Mill Lane. The lounge has wheelchair & step-free access via a lift. There is a variety of seating including armchairs and sofas. There are gender neutral bathrooms, including a wheelchair accessible bathroom. There is a hearing loop (please ask for this to be turned on when you arrive if you need it!). There will be snacks and drinks, including vegan and gluten-free options. Forum is a relaxed event; you may move around the room, lie down, arrive or leave whenever you wish, etc. Forum will be live-minuted into a google doc to enable remote attendance. For any other accessibility info, please email

Accessibility statement generator

This is an accessibility statement generator designed to provide clear and concise access information for events held within the University or elsewhere. Just fill in the information you have, hit generate and then copy the text produced (which you can edit in place) to wherever you need it. Having clear information is very important for an event to be as accessible as possible - if you don't know you can get into an event then you may just not bother trying, no event is truely accessible without the information to say that it is!

There are two versions that you can click through to use, we encourage you to use the standard version (the one displayed by default) but if you want to use a shorter version just click through, you can ignore the other comments and contact details boxes, though we do encourage you to have some contact details in case of questions somewhere on your material.

Even these questions are not necessarilly complete in terms of providing comprehensive access information (for instance if a venue has ramps which are the two narrow ramps these are suitable only for manual wheelchairs not powerchairs and many wheelchair users prefer to avoid them regardless. Please think about other details you might want to add in the further comments section.

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Comments and bugs

If you have any comments, suggestions or bugs please let us know. We would particularly be interested in knowing any ways in which the questions don't cover your access requirements or any bugs you've found (we are aware there are some issues in IE 8 or below and hope to fix these soon).

If you'd like to use this generator on your own site then you are very welcome to - the code can be obtained from Github.

Designed and written by Rowan Thomas for CUSU Disabled Students' Campaign, available on Github.

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