Surviving (at) Cambridge

This is a little zine we threw together before Freshers’ 2018 of crowdsourced tips from the DSC and beyond for surviving (and maybe thriving!) at Cambridge, especially while disabled.

A text-only version can be found here: dsc surviving-at-cambrige tips zine screen readable

Download the text-only version here

And a printable version is here: dsc surviving-at-cambridge zine to print and fold

Download the printable version here

To make the zine once you’ve printed it, follow these instructions:

  1. With the printed sheet landscape, fold in half widthways and in half again and crease to make four vertical columns.
  2. Unfold, and fold in half lengthways and crease to make eight rectangle sections (these are the eight pages of the zine).
  3. Unfold, and fold in half once widthways again, then cut from the fold halfway in along the middle crease.
  4. Unfold, fold in half lengthways again, hold each end and push together so that the cut section opens up in a diamond shape.
  5. Flatten the creases out in such a way that the front page of the zine is at the front, and you’re done!

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