Who is our training for?

Any student who is interested in learning more about disability provision within the university, how to run accessible events and how to signpost students in need of support. Everyone can benefit from our training, not just the designated Disabled Students’ Officer or Events officer! 

How to get DSC training in accessibility & support

  • Access our training resources on this page or via a live training session
  • Complete the training quiz
  • Optional: after passing the quiz, you can choose to be listed on this page as being trained for the 2020-21 year! We are not sent a message when there are new quiz results, so mail if you would like us to update this page or with any corrections.
  • We will soon be updating the page with details of training for the 2021-22 academic year. If you complete the training quiz now, we will not be able to list you as having completed training for 2021/22. New training resources will be available in September.

Resource formats

Upcoming training:

See our events page.

We ran 5 sessions in September 2020 and 12 in January 2021 – contact our Disabled Students’ Officer (Facebook, email) to organise a bespoke session for your committee or group, or to request more training at a time that suits you.

We also advertise our live training sessions via our Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, mailing list and on the Cambridge SU events page (search ‘DSC’). 

If you would like to attend a live training session but can’t find an existing session that you can attend, please contact us and we will set up a session for you! 

You might also find it helpful to check out our Accessibility Pledge 2020-21, which has guidance on different steps you can make to improve accessibility.

Officers trained for 2020-21

Cambridge SU Disabled Students’ Campaign

  • Nat Abbott, Intermission Officer
  • Alfie Vaughan, Campaigns and Academic Adjustments Officer (argv2)
  • Amy Brook (ab2543)
  • Anna Freed, Class Act Officer (asf46)
  • Jenny Hay, LGBT+ Officer
  • Elia Chitwa (emcc2)
  • Chay Graham, Campaigns Officer (cyg23)
  • Mhairi McLay, Open Portfolio Officer (mcm88)

Cambridge SU Class Act Campaign

  • Anna Freed, Disabled Students’ Officer (asf46)
  • Amy Bottomley, President (at806)
  • Bradley Thompson, LGBT+ Officer
  • Emily Marriott, Secretary
  • Eleanor Connell, Welfare Officer (efc36)
  • Kirstie Goodchild, First Generation Students and Campaigns Officer (kg449)

Cambridge SU LGBT+ Campaign

  • Jenny Hay, Ace/Aro Rep
  • John Cooper, President
  • Alfie Vaughan, Disabilities Rep (argv2)
  • Ajay Gill, BAME Rep
  • Jamie Hancock, Campaigns Officer
  • Matthew Cavallini, Events Officer (mcc94)
  • Chair
  • Madeleine Olver, Zine Editor (mmho2)
  • Debbie Aitken, Grad & Mature Students’ Rep (dea32)
  • Milo Eyre-Morgan, Trans and Non-Binary Rep
  • Rowan Fox, Campaigns Officer
  • Lucy Saunders, Welfare Officer
  • Marina McCready
  • Olivia Castle, Welfare Officer

Cambridge SU BME Campaign

  • Elia Chitwa (emcc2)
  • Maya McFarlane, Women’s/Non-Binary Officer (mm2410)

Cambridge SU Women’s Campaign

  • Rowan Fox, Trans Rep
  • Marina McCready

Student Minds Cambridge

  • Anna McKeon, President (amm289)
  • Lauren Norman, Intermission Officer (lsn24)
  • Madeleine Dunbar, Blog Contributor (mrd49)

Cambridge Homeless Outreach Programme

  • Jesi Bailey, Inclusivity and Intersectionality Officer (jab303)
  • Madeleine Dunbar, Publicity and Communication (mrd49)
  • Charo Havermans, President (cch51)


  • Emily Durling, JCR Female & Non-Binary Welfare Officer (ejd61)
  • Clara Tuffrey, JCR Vice President (crt42)
  • JoJo Compton, JCR Women’s Officer (jfelc2)
  • Romany Whittall, JCR Access
  • Sarah Kapllani-Mucaj, JCR Publicity and Charities Officer (sk2051)
  • Iona Fleming, JCR Vice President (if279)
  • Brad Jones, JCR President (bmsj2)


  • James Miller, MCR Equipment Officer (jm2058)
  • Jack Hughes, MCR LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer
  • Rebecca Heath, MCR General Secretary
  • Éva Bernadett Bényei, MCR Academic Officer


  • Megan Whiteley, ASNC Society President

Corpus Christi

  • Hero Bain, JCR Gender Equalities Officer (hrb47)
  • Robin Denham, JCR Disabled Students’ Officer (radd3)
  • Ben Mulley, JCR Welfare Officer (bm588)
  • Eleanor Ivimey-Parr, JCR Gender Equalities Officer (ei251)
  • James Walker, JCR LGBTQ+ Officer
  • Andre Ediagbonya-Davies, JCR Green Officer
  • Zachary Aw Zheng Quan, JCR President (zzqa2)
  • Jamie Charles, Access Officer


  • Sasha Sebright (acts3)


  • Louisa Davidson (ld593)


  • Anya Brown, ECSU Disability & Mental Health Officer (ab2651)
  • Cliodhna Herkommer, ECSU Welfare Officer (cmh233)
  • Henri Durousseau, ECSU Internationals Officer (hmad2)
  • Monty Dunn, ECSU Buildings and Services Officer (msd56)
  • Dottie Birss, ECSU LGBT+ Officer (db805)
  • Eddie Wilkinson, ECSU Green and Ethical Officer (ew546)
  • Cerys Llewelyn, ECSU Disabilities and Mental Health Officer (csl55)
  • Charlotte McGuire, ECSU President (cgm41)
  • Fran Hardyman, ECSU Secretary (ferh2)
  • Cath Churchill, ECSU Women’s and Non-Binary Students’ Officer (cac217)
  • Francesca Mann, ECSU Access & Class Act Officer
  • Rosie McLeish, ECSU Careers and Education
  • ECSU Racial Equalities Officer
  • Rosie Caddy, ECSU Charities Officer (rmc90)
  • Lucas Pangaro
  • Anna Hayward-Surry
  • Ted Perkin, Welfare Officer
  • Michael Roach, JCR Treasurer (mger2)
  • Molly Ghinn, Emma May Ball Committee 2021 Accessibility Officer


  • Anna McKeon (amm289)
  • Cerian Craske, JCR Disabled Students’ Officer (cc974)
  • Tom Noden, JCR Welfare Officer
  • Eleanor Poston (elp69)
  • Cynthia Okoye, Co-President of CU African Society
  • Colin McCann, JCR Welfare Officer (cpm59)
  • Freya Prince, JCR Class Act Officer (fp389)
  • Emilia Silaste, JCR Academic Affairs
  • Erin Gerrity, JCR Women’s and Non-binary Officer (ekg32)
  • Natalie Rose, JCR Ents Officer
  • Thomas Meng, MCR Access
  • Saihan Choudhury (sc2112)


  • Egle Augustaityte, CU Engineering Society Diversity Officer (ea486)
  • Lily Parry, JCR Socio-economic Inclusivity Officer (Class Act)
  • Scarlett Sinclair, JCR Physical and Mental Disabilities Officer 
  • Catriona James, JCR Access and Academic Officer (cmcj2)
  • Olivia Daly, JCR Sustainability and Ethical Affairs Officer (od268)

Gonville & Caius

  • Alec Morley
  • Georgia Brown, GCSU Disabilities and Mental Health Officer 
  • Nora Bennani-Kemmoun, GCSU Class Act Officer
  • Ciara Mayers, GCSU Women’s and Non-Binary Officer (cam241)
  • Quaid Forbes, GCSU Welfare Officer
  • Natalie Johns, GCSU Welfare Officer (njj33)
  • Joshua Osman, GCSU LGBTQ+ Rep


  • JCR Target & Access Officer 
  • Jesi Bailey, LGBT+ Officer, Welfare Officer for Enable Theatre (jab303)
  • Emily, JCR DSO (emh77)


  • Sophie Baldwin, JCSU Mental Health & Disabilities Officer (sb2292)
  • Imogen Parsley, JCSU Mental Health & Disabilities Officer
  • Isabella Manfredi, JCSU Freshers’ Officer (ikm22)
  • Angus Harron, JCSU Male Welfare Officer
  • Matthew Chan, JCSU Treasurer
  • Jacob Powell, JCSU President (jp869)
  • Jack Ward, JCSU LGBT+ Officer
  • Elena Doran, JCSU Environmental and Ethical Affairs Officer (esd33)
  • Imran Mulla, JCSU Ethnic and Religious Minorities Officer (im490)
  • Ryoko Umemoto
  • Madeleine Mitchell, JCSU Freshers’ Officer


  • Molly O’Gorman, KCSU Women’s and Non-Binary Officer (mao45)
  • Lauren Norman (lsn24)
  • Tony Ford, KCSU Accommodation Officer (ahrf2)
  • Liberty Beswick, KCSU LGBTQ+ Officer (lmhb2)
  • Esme Friel, KCSU Non-Binary Welfare Officer (ef406)
  • Oscar Wilson, KCSU SSF Officer (osw25)
  • Nadia Singh, KCSU Disabled Students’ Officer (ns755)


  • Harry White, JCR LGBT Officer (hrw49)
  • Bradley Thompson
  • Eleanor Connell, JCR Women’s Officer, President of the 1988 Club (efc36)

Murray Edwards

  • Amy Bowen, Events Officer for Solidaritee (ab2459)
  • Freya Watson, MECSU President (fw348)
  • Elliot Aitken, JCR Trans and Non-Binary Officer (ea494)


  • Sophie Truepenny, CUWIHC Welfare Officer
  • Lottie Mills, JCR DSO (cmm211)
  • Alice Wood, JCR Green and Ethical Affairs Officer
  • Rebecca Sproston, JCR Secretary
  • Beth Taylor, JCR Sports and Societies Officer (bt377)


  • Alice Perkins, Pembroke May Ball President
  • Miriam Clifton (mc2199)
  • Sophie Johnson, JCP Disabled Students’ Officer (sij22)
  • Ciara Power (cp698)
  • Safa Al-Azami, JCP Women’s and Non-Binary Officer (sa2021)
  • Grace Blackshaw, JPC Green & Ethical Affairs Officer (gab50)
  • Victoria Moreland, JPC Women’s and Non-Binary Welfare Officer (vm388)
  • Issy Love (iml32)
  • JPC Accommodation Officer
  • Akshar Abhyankar (aba34)
  • Rosie Bridgwater, JPC Access Officer (revb2)
  • Lily Young, JPC President (ly330)
  • Maya McFarlane, JPC BME Officer (mm2410)
  • Tek Kan Chung, GPC 4th Year Representative (tkc26)
  • Aakash Gupta, JPC Treasurer (ag2167)
  • Elise Goddard, JPC Access Officer (ecg47)
  • Sophie Lumsdon, JPC Food Officer (scl66)


  • Anna Stirk


  • Harriet Edwards, JCR Disabled Students’ Officer (hke23)
  • Karina Shah, JCR DSO (ks978)
  • Ilana Cope, RCSA Catering and Amenities Officer (ic391)
  • Jumeira Nathan, Ents Officer (jjn39)
  • Ilja Caikovskis, RCSA Vice President
  • Jamie McKenzie, JCR Treasurer


  • Isabel Roberts, JCR President (prev JCR Disabled Students’ & Mental Health Officer), Headucate Cambridge Secretary
  • Finn, JCR Comms Officer
  • Owen Hedley Cooper, JCR DSO (ohc22)
  • Ashley Fox-Wiltshire, Access Officer
  • Matthew Hambling, JCR Freshers’ Rep (mph59)
  • Melina Jade Geser-Stark, Clubs & Society Officer (mjg249)
  • Ben Hollingdale, Welfare Officer (bah43)
  • Ryan Kinkela, JCR BME Officer (rsk37)
  • Ella Fitt, CUADC President 

St Catz

  • Anousha Karim, JCR Female & Non-Binary Welfare Officer (ak2236)
  • Olivia Jacklin, JCR Disabilities Officer (oj233)

St John’s

  • Jennifer Perratt, JCR Disabled Students’ Officer (jnp36)
  • Amy Bottomley, JCR Access (at806)
  • Felix Haynes, JCR Access (fdjh2)
  • William Tan, JCR Vice President (wwwt2)
  • Gregory Serapio-García, MCR Equity & Inclusion Officer (gs639)
  • Hugo Lloyd Williams, JCR Male and Non-Binary Welfare Officer (hgl28)
  • Sophie McInerney, JCR Secretary
  • Anna-Maria Papameletiou, JCR International Students’ Officer
  • Emilie Walker, JCR LGBT+ (ejw99)
  • Deborah Wehner, MCR President (dw545)
  • Rita Dias, MCR Welfare Officer
  • Ben Foster, JCR Treasurer (bsf24)
  • Dillon Rinauro, SBR Welfare Officer (djr76)


  • Ryan Lin, CU Engineering Society President
  • Isabel Siggers, TCSU Mental Health and Disabled Students’ Welfare Officer (is480)

Trinity Hall

  • Olly Player, JCR Disability and Special Considerations Officer


  • Hannah Twinberrow, Disabilities Welfare Rep (ht405)
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