Who is our training for?

Any student who is interested in learning more about disability provision within the university, how to run accessible events and how to signpost students in need of support. Everyone can benefit from our training, not just the designated Disabled Students’ Officer or Events officer! 

How to get DSC training in accessibility & support

  • Access our training resources on this page or via a live training session
  • Complete the training quiz
  • Optional: after passing the quiz, you can choose to be listed on this page as being trained for the 2022 year! We are not sent a message when there are new quiz results, so mail if you would like us to update this page or with any corrections.

Resource formats

Upcoming training:

Please fill in this form to sign up for a training session!

We also advertise our live training sessions via our Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, mailing list and on the Cambridge SU events page (search ‘DSC’). 

If you would like to attend a live training session but can’t find an existing session that you can attend, please contact us and we will set up a session for you! 

You might also find it helpful to check out our Accessibility Pledge 2022, which has guidance on different steps you can make to improve accessibility.

Officers trained for 2022 will be listed here:

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