Welcome to the new Disabled Students’ Campaign website!

This site is the place to find DSC information and resources, and will be where we post all our updates, along with our Facebook page.

The Campaign was founded in Lent 2010, with the aim of uniting and representing disabled students at Cambridge University.

After a long break the Campaign returned in Lent 2015 determined to tackle some big issues, with a small committee of 5 students. We had always known that in order to achieve anything substantial we needed the representation of a full-time sabbatical officer, and this was our end goal. In February 2016, after presenting a petition with over 350 signatories to CUSU, we triggered a referendum on the creation of the role. Over 4000 Cambridge students turned out to vote, with over 90% voting yes. We successfully campaigned for the introduction of a full-time Disabled Students’ Officer to the CUSU sabbatical officer team, proving the DSC’s revival to be an overwhelming success.

The campaign is run through forums which are run twice a term by the DSO. This is the place where disabled students get together, share grievances, express solidarity, and use all this to fuel the work and policy of the Campaign. The DSC also has an executive committee, who you are welcome to contact if you have any questions.

One of the best things about the DSC is that over the years it has become the place for a wealth of resources relating to being disabled at Cambridge. We have an incredible Resource Library based at CUSU, and our web pages are filled with support and advice for Cambridge students.

The DSC also runs several online communities (usually over Facebook) – head over to the page to see more, and contact the DSO if you have an idea for a new online community, or if you want to run an event.

Welcome to the new Disabled Students’ Campaign website!

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